FAITH | Week #2 | What Faith Means to Us


Matt and I were raised Catholic. The whole 10 yards: baptism, communion, confession, confirmation! I even taught CCD in high school. But like a lot of people, we stopped going as religiously once left to our own devices in college and slowly the weekly tradition faded away. 

I've picked it back up over the years though I've resonated less with the Catholic faith and have gone to a variety of churches since. These days I identify more along the lines of a general, non-denominational Christian. 

Faith for me just means believing in something bigger than me. As someone wisely put it, religion is just logistics. The whole point is about loving God and loving each other. Nothing more, nothing less. I think a lot of people are guilty of getting caught up in these logistics, in using their faith as a way to attack or judge other people. For me, I can find God in any church or temple, in any religion, anywhere in the world. That's what God is. He loves everyone. He doesn't care if you're a man or woman, if you're straight or gay, if you're a Jew, Muslim or Christian. It's not about needing to follow the Catholic rules or Lutheran rules, etc. It's about doing whatever you need to do to connect yourself to the power of love.

In fact, I'm personally really into the Law of Attraction. I love all that woo-woo mystical magical, good energy! I'm obsessed with the idea of energy and with the concept that God and the unverse is in me and part of me and that we're all one. The further I get into it, the more connected I feel to the world around me, the more compassion I have for my fellow love, the more Love that surges in my body. 

Now for Matt - the Catholic faith still very much resonates with him. After trying out a few different services and churches, he has found that he's traditional and thinks its easier to connect to God via the Catholic services because that's how he grew up. He likes the structure of the service, the homily, the efficiency (which I always tell him isn't the point of church haha). And that's what works for him. And that's awesome! 

It's a bit challenging to have differing opinions on this.  But I'm also so grateful he's been going to church with me, is open to trying new things and at the end of the day, we both love God and thats' enough. 


Marie King